The Son of Man has been revealed
as prophet, priest, and king;
with feet like bronze, with robes of gold,
his voice a mighty torrent bold,
his eyes aflame, his age untold,
in glory shimmering.

To John he spoke on Patmos isle,
'Write now of what shall be;
don't be afraid, for there is none
before me, or when all is done,
I hold the keys, the stars, the sun;
stand up and you shall see'.

His are the words of one on high
who holds the stars in space;
who calls his faithful to endure
and, by repentance, to secure
the food of life, serene and pure,
within God's holy place.

His are the words of one on high,
the first and last, who lives,
who offers hope instead of fear,
the crown of life to those who hear,
his glorious presence ever near,
as one who freely gives.

His are the words of one on high
who wields the two-edged sword;
he breaks the power of Satan's throne
he judges sin among his own,
and gives a name in secret known
to those who call him 'Lord'.

His are the words of one on high
whose eyes are flaming fire,
he flings the faithless to the dust
he pours his love upon the just,
the Morning Star is theirs, who trust
in Christ, their great desire.

His are the words of one on high
who rules the seven stars,
and when he comes, as comes a thief,
all unexpected, bringing grief,
some will be lost in sham belief,
while all his saints bear scars.

His are the words of one on high,
the holy one, and true,
who gives his church an open door,
and holds them safe through anguish sore,
who crowns the faithful who adore
his name, and city, new.

His are the words of one on high
all glorious his renown
he scorns complacency and pride,
for hungry sinners he'll provide,
he offers gold, refined and tried;
creation's Source and Crown.

To seven churches thus he spoke,
and called on each to hear.
Our churches' needs his Spirit knows,
our fears and failures he'll expose
but generous mercy overflows,
Christ's victory is near.

Michael Saward
© Michael Saward / Jubilate Hymns
8 6 8 8 6

This hymn is intended for pilgrimages to the seven churches of Asia. Each day the first two verses, the appropriate verse, and the final verse should be sung, making four verses daily.
Suggested tune: REVELATION (No?l Tredinnick (Praise 497))