Spirit of holiness, wisdom and faithfulness,
   wind of the Lord, blowing strongly and free:
   strength of our serving and joy of our worshipping
   Spirit of God, bring your fulness to me!

1 You came to interpret and teach us effectively
all that the Saviour has spoken and done;
to glorify Jesus is all your activity
promise and gift of the Father and Son:
   Spirit of holiness...

2 You came with your gifts to supply all our poverty,
pouring your love on the church in her need;
you came with your fruit for our growth to maturity,
richly refreshing the souls that you feed:
   Spirit of holiness...

3 You came to the world in its pride and futility,
warning of dangers, directing us home;
now with us and in us, we welcome your company;
Spirit of Christ, in his name you have come:
   Spirit of holiness...

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson

(The Full MP3 & Lyric Video omit verse 3.)

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