1 The wonder of salvation
beyond our words to speak,
beyond our minds to fathom
or even hearts to seek;
when we were lost and helpless,
enslaved, infected, dead,
all we could never dream of
God made good in our stead.

2 How close corruption held us,
since that was sin's reward!
How bleak for one to perish,
created by the Lord!
How could the law be cancelled
till all had been fulfilled?
How could the race be pardoned
when sinners should be killed?

3 All this was seen in heaven
by God's eternal Son;
moved by untold compassion
the rescue was begun;
Shall death enjoy its triumph
and sin retain its crown
while those who bear God's image
must fall in ruin down?

4 The Word assumed a body
and took it for his own;
born of a chosen virgin,
as Man his Word was known.
He died the death of sinners
that we in him should die;
the name this world has trampled
in heaven is lifted high.

5 Such grace, such love for sinners,
such mercy through such pain!
It calls us to repentance
and love for him again.
How can we now ignore him?
How can we turn away?
Christ, be our God for ever,
Jesus, our Lord today!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
7 6. 7 6. Iambic

CCL# 3816145