1 The Lord is here, the darkness gone;
the Easter victory now is won:
his church resounds with ringing praise,
this brightest, best, and first of days.
Hallelujah! for Christ is King
his resurrection now we sing.

2 Good news began this glorious week
when mourners heard the angel speak:
'Why look for him among the dead?
for he is risen, as he said'.
Hallelujah! he lives today;
see where his wounded body lay.

3 While some were dazed by doubt and gloom
still Mary lingered by the tomb;
she stood perplexed and freely cried
for her dear Master crucified.
Hallelujah! he died to save;
now he has left an empty grave.

4 But she was found by her lost Lord
and 'Mary!' was his startling word.
They met with joy; she went with speed
to gasp, 'The Lord is risen indeed!'
Hallelujah! with this new dawn
death is destroyed and hope is born.

5 This passing world may yet refuse
to see the signs or hear the news;
but by the life and love he gives
we know today that Jesus lives:
Hallelujah! redeemed by blood
in Christ we live to serve our God.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd