1 Since our great high priest, Christ Jesus,
bears the name above all names,
reigning Son of God, surpassing
other titles, powers, and claims
Since to heaven our Lord has passed,
let us hold our witness fast!

2 Since we have a priest who suffered,
knowing weakness, tears, and pain,
who, like us, was tried and tempted,
unlike us, without a stain
Since he shared our lowly place;
let us boldly seek his grace!

3 Sacrifice and suffering over,
now he sits at God's right hand
crowned with praise, no more an outcast,
his pre - eminence long - planned;
such a great high priest we have,
strong to help, supreme to save!

4 Love's example, hope's attraction,
faith's beginning and its end,
pioneer of our salvation,
mighty advocate and friend,
Jesus, now in glory raised,
our ascended Lord be praised!

Christopher Idle from Hebrews 4
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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