1 Shout for joy, loud and long,
God be praised with a song!
to the Lord we belong
children of the Father,
God the great life-giver!
Shout for joy, joy, joy;
shout for joy, joy, joy!
God is love, God is light,
God is everlasting!

2 By God's word all was made,
heaven and earth, light and shade,
nature's wonders displayed,
man to rule creation
from its first foundation.

3 Yet our pride makes us fall!
so Christ came for us all
not the righteous to call
by his cross and passion,
bringing us salvation!

4 Now has Christ truly risen
and his Spirit is given
to all those under heaven
who will walk beside him,
though they once denied him!

David Mowbray (born 1938)
© David Mowbray/admin The Jubilate Group
6 6 6 6 6 5 5 3 3 6, including refrain