Let us rejoice! The servants of our Lord,
through all the tempests of this world's long night,
secured for us the treasure of his word;
bequeathed to us the gospel's salt and light.

Let us recall the courage, hope and zeal
that brought Augustine to our Saxon shore.
The aching wounds of pagan souls to heal;
uplift the faithful and God's truth restore.

Let us give thanks that, through the darkness, still
shines out the gospel of our Father's care.
The love that suffered on that dreadful hill
that, ransomed, we the victor's crown might share.

Let us go out as Christians went before.
To all the nations of this helpless earth.
Nor fear to lift the cross that Jesus bore.
To die and rise with him in glad new birth.

Hilary Jolly b. 1945

© Hilary Jolly/ Jubilate Hymns

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