1 In Christ shall all be made alive, we sing!
in him God's children into life shall spring;
though seed of Adam, creatures of the dust,
we rise again through Christ in whom we trust.

2 This Christ shall reign, and sin and death defeat,
beside the Father he will take his seat;
then shall God's children share that victory
and stand, new-clothed with immortality.

3 Yet here and now this faith is far from vain
for in God's Son a forward glimpse we gain;
in life's distress, with no fresh strength to draw,
we rise, through him, to heights undreamed before.

4 In Christ shall all be made alive, we sing!
with him God's faithful servants he will bring;
gathered with joy before the Father's throne,
there we shall know, as we ourselves are known.

David Mowbray (born 1938)
© David Mowbray/Jubilate Hymns
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