1 Find rest, my soul, in God alone,
my hope and my salvation;
my refuge, strength and health is he,
so how can I be shaken ?

2 How long will thieves attack a man
and claim him as their victim ?
With poisoned heart and mind and mouth
they plot to undermine him.

3 Both slaves and sovereigns are mere wind,
celebrities, all empty.
Don't trust in vast or tainted wealth;
God is our gold, our plenty.

4 And all my good depends on him,
my God, my goal, my giver;
my castle, cave and towering cliff -
so trust in him for ever !

5 Two things I hear and I believe,
That God is strong and loving.
In him we find our true reward
and his great day is coming.

6 In truth, my soul waits still on God;
from God comes my salvation.
My refuge, strength and health is he
and I shall not be shaken.

Christopher Idle b.1938

© Christopher Idle/ admin. The Jubilate Group
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