After Psalm 139

You Lord have searched me - you completely know me,
perceiving all I think or say or do:
you place your hand upon me and protect me -
before I speak, my words are plain to you.
I cannot grasp such wonderful discernment -
it far outreaches all I ever knew!

Where shall I go, or how evade your presence? -
for you are everywhere, in depth and height.
How ever far to east or west I travel
you always keep me in your watchful sight;
and though I say, "the night will surely hide me,"
I'll find that darkness is to you as light.

Deep in the womb you wove my life together,
recording every stage that you had planned.
I treasure all the tokens of your favour,
so rare - yet numberless as grains of sand.
I can but marvel, awed by your creation,
and wake each day to find you close at hand.

How long, O Lord, before you judge the wicked
who thirst for blood and flout your name today?
Yet now search me - the passions that possess me,
my anxious thoughts - examine these, I pray:
O God, make clear to me the ways I grieve you
and guide my feet in your eternal way.

Emma Turl
© Emma Turl / admin. The Jubilate Group

TUNE: FINLANDIA (Jean Sibelius)

CCL# 6133643