1 Welcome to the wedding!
Joining two in one,
God is working wonders -
see what love has done!
Love is found in Jesus,
love to hold and share;
love is found among us,
love is present here!

2 Welcome to the gospel!
Christ has room for all
from the wise and weighty
to the very small.
Those who know his friendship
from their earliest home
long to bring their neighbours
full and free shalom.

3 Welcome to the kingdom
where God's harvest grows;
faith for our commitment,
joy that overflows;
far more strength together
than we have apart,
diverse gifts combining,
one in mind and heart.

4 Welcome to the journey
starting here today,
facing miles or mountains,
we will praise and pray;
God our great companion,
bless us from above;
welcome, ever welcome,
for your name is Love!

Christopher M Idle (b.1938)
© Christopher M Idle, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre / Suggested tune: 6565D /CAMBERWELL

CCL# 3818284