1 We take our silver from the mine,
our wisdom from the Lord;
for all are his, as we are Christ's
in whom all wealth is stored.

2 Like silver are his precious words,
refined, unflawed and pure;
today we hear his voice afresh
and know his truth is sure.

3 When silver is our jubilee
with memories shining clear,
we join with those we love the best
and mark our milestone here.

4 With wondering thanks our hearts look back
on paths and places gone;
in faith and love we live and grow,
in hope we travel on.

5 The hand that led us to our vows
and fashioned us as one
still holds and guards, and moves and guides,
through time's unceasing run.

6 For all in Christ can truly say
'The best is yet to be';
our wisdom, our redeeming Lord,
is Christ eternally.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd