1 To Christ who once this supper made
the night on which he was betrayed,
in confidence we now draw near;
the Lord is risen! the Lord is here!

2 As in that room he took the bread,
gave thanks, and broke, and gave, and said
'This is my body, given for you';
so may the Lord this gift renew.

3 As then, we drink this cup of wine,
the newest, sweetest covenant-sign,
declaring how his precious blood
has won and sealed our peace with God.

4 Let us who this Communion share
approach with praise and love and fear;
first judge ourselves, seek what is good,
then by his Spirit taste this food.

5 For as these holy gifts we take
till Christ returns, and for his sake,
joined in our Lord's triumphant name
his saving death we here proclaim.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

Suggested tune: WINCHESTER NEW