1 Though Christ put on our frail humanity,
he was in very truth our God and king;
and yet he did not claim equality,
but trod the path of humble suffering.

2 As God and man he chose the way to death,
bearing our sins upon the cruel cross;
he blessed his killers with his dying breath,
his agony redeemed our grievous loss.

3 Since for our sake he gladly went to die,
taking upon himself our race's shame,
God raised him, and exalted him on high,
gave him the highest place and holiest name:

4 So at the name of Jesus, every knee
in heaven, on earth and in the depths, should bow;
and every tongue confess that only he
is Lord. Come, let us praise his glory now!

After The Song Of Christ's Glory , Stephen Horsfall
© Stephen Horsfall/Jubilate Hymns
10 10 10 10 Iambic