1 The God who spoke at Haran,
who gave us his decrees
at Moreh and at Bethel
and Mamre's mighty trees:
this is the One we worship,
the living God we serve,
the Father pouring blessings
on those who least deserve.

2 From Abraham's long journey
to Moses' desert road
a people learned to travel
obedient to their Lord;
God's covenant of mercy
in every path and place
makes us his own by promise,
gives us himself by grace.

3 The God who sent the prophets
a kingdom to proclaim
has in the end sent Jesus
who bears the saving name:
the eternal Lord of glory,
the King who rules by love,
the Son who at his weakest
brings power from above.

4 Let none despise the promise
nor take such gifts in vain,
but come to find the cleansing
that purges every stain;
the freedom of God's children,
the joy of sins forgiven,
the Holy Spirit's fulness,
the sweet foretaste of heaven.

5 Let Abraham's true offspring,
set right by grace through faith,
be steadfast in their purpose,
obedient till death.
God speaks, and we will trust him;
his coming we expect:
he calls us friends, he loves us,
his mercy we reflect.

6 To God who chose his people
before they were conceived;
to Christ whose cross means victory
for all who have believed:
all glory in the highest
to God the Three-in-One!
and in the Holy Spirit
our path has just begun.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3461703