1 Sing when the rain is coming,
sing when the clouds are grey,
sing when the birds are homing
under the darkening day;
Saviour and Lord confessing
children of heavenly birth,
for the rain will provide a blessing
for the earth.

2 Sing when the rain is falling,
not knowing what shall be;
sing when the streams are calling,
rushing and full and free.
Sing through the midnight sorrows,
sing in the day serene,
till the dawning of new tomorrows
fresh and green.

3 Sing when the rain is over,
sing when the sun shines clear;
sing of the Lord's good favour,
goodness and mercy here.
Sing out the ancient story,
sing till we see his face,
praising Jesus, the Lord of glory
and of grace.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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