1 See Christ who on the river's shore
with John the Baptist stood,
his secret in the name he bore:
the holy Lamb of God.
See all his body washed and wet
baptized in Jordan's flow,
as here his shame and glory meet,
his pain and triumph show.

2 See, Christ submits himself to John,
the Lord bows to his slave!
See where he stoops, the sinless one,
to share a sinner's grave!
See him arising from the stream
where all the past now dies;
from yet a colder tomb he came
and now calls us to rise.

3 See Christ to whom the Father speaks
as his beloved Son;
Messiah's chosen task he takes,
the servant's work begun.
See him on whom the Spirit fell
descending like a dove,
in whom we find a springing well
of peace and joy and love.

4 See Christ through forty hungry days
with sand and stones for bed;
in lonely trials and desert ways
with him may we be led.
See him, the anointed Lamb who died
to whom all praise we bring;
see Christ baptized, Christ crucified,
and Christ our reigning King!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd