1 O Lord whose love designed this day,
you walked with us along the road;
so as the daylight fades away
stay with us when we rest our load.

2 Our stumbling steps were known to you
before we recognised your face;
you loved us long before we knew
your covenant of saving grace.

3 You spoke your word of truth to us,
bringing us gladness when we grieved;
we found forgiveness at your cross,
and yet how slowly we believed!

4 But now we see your wounded hands;
you share with us the broken bread:
these are your pledges, your commands,
our living Lord, who once was dead!

5 So through the darkness, be our light,
O Lord whose love designed this day;
we praise and bless your name tonight
for love that never fades away.

Christopher Idle freom Luke 24
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3812431