1 O I have heard the gospel told
and I would tell it too,
and I would serve your kingdom, Lord,
in all I say and do.
For I would give my strength to you
if you will teach me how.
O gentle Master, lay your yoke
upon my shoulders now.

2 O I have walked in darkness, Lord,
but you have shown the way.
The lamp that lights my feet will lead
me home to endless day.
For I would give my life to you
if you will teach me how.
Give me the grace to take your cross
upon my shoulders now.

3 O let me see the lightning flare
that ends this world's long night
and see the wounds that bled for me
transfigured in that light,
for I would give my soul to you
for all eternity.
O lay upon my shoulders, Lord,
your robe of victory!

Hilary Jolly
© Hilary Jolly/Jubilate Hymns Ltd