1 O sing, O sing the greatness of the Lord,  
and lift your voice aloud with one accord: 
let every generation proclaim 
the honour and the glory of his name! 

O sing! O hear! 
O praise the Lord, my soul, 
for God has shown his mercy to the world. 

2 O sing, O sing the wonders of his ways,  
who year on year his mighty arm displays; 
he scatters those with power and pride 
and raises up the humble to his side. 
3 O sing, O sing the goodness of his deeds,  
who brings us hope and satisfies our needs; 
The hungry will be fed from his hand,
the rich are sent away at his command. 

4 O sing, O sing his covenant of grace, 
who holds his people fast in his embrace; 
through Israel’s story God is made known, 
through Christ the truest depths of love are shown. 

8 8 8 8 + refrain 

words © Derek Boemler & Joel Payne / Jubilate, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd