1 My heart rejoices and my strength is kindled
in my victorious, living God who saved me:
there is none like you, none so strong, so holy,
none like the Lord, my Rock.

2 Speak no more proudly, stop your mouth from boasting!
God governs all things, God the Lord of knowledge:
strong bows are broken, feeble limbs find courage;
God rules in all we do.

3 Making, destroying, giving life and taking,
God lifts the needy from their dust and ashes,
makes them sit boldly in the seat of honour:
God rules in all the earth.

4 Safe are the footsteps of his faithful people;
rebels and traitors fall in silent darkness:
Thunder from heaven, Judge of earth's proud nations,
Crown of my life, my king!

Christopher Idle from 1 Samuel 2
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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