1 Master, what love is here!
for you have dealt with sin;
the temple curtain tears apart
and we are welcomed in.

2 Master, what power is here!
for you have broken death;
the ground is shaken, tombs laid bare,
the dead are given breath.

3 Master, what grace is here!
for you have ended doubt;
your enemies have watched you die;
'This is God's Son!' they shout.

4 Master, what hope is here!
for you bring faith to birth;
the infant church of two or three
will grow to span the earth.

5 Here at the cross I stand
to feel and hear and see
what you have felt and said and done
for ever, and for me.

Christopher Idle from Matthew 27
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd

CCL# 3812273