1 Master, by your word of welcome
all who hear are called to come;
by your free forgiveness draw us,
raise us up and bring us home.
By your word of mighty healing
we shall find your power to save;
keep us from those wasting evils
which bring terror to the grave.

2 Master, by your word of wisdom
teach our minds and meet our needs;
make us apt and ready pupils
on the path where learning leads.
By your word of gentle patience
help us when we feel afraid;
stretch our faith by hard endurance,
strengthen us for whom you prayed.

3 Master, by your word of warning
straighten out our rebel ways;
rid our minds of all pretences,
free our wills of all delays.
By your word of holy anger
kill our self-deceit and pride;
all that contradicts your purpose,
let it all be crucified!

4 Master, by your word of mercy
you have made us all your own;
mercy chose and called and found us,
mercy brings us to your throne.
By your word of free adoption
let us sons and daughters prove,
praising you in words of worship,
serving you in lives of love.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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