1 Lord, show us how to live
set free from waste or greed,
content with what you give,
concerned for all in need.

2 Our choking seas and soil,
our fields diseased and sore
what we so quickly spoil
you only can restore.

3 But we were brought to birth
creation to subdue,
to tend your teeming earth,
co-workers, Lord, with you.

4 By learning how to share,
your faithfulness we prove;
by discipline and care
our lives reflect your love.

5 O Father, come to heal
where your good gifts decay;
O Spirit, give us zeal,
O Saviour, show the way!

6 Our shame is to destroy
or leave your work undone;
our duty and our joy
to make your goodness known.

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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