1 Lord, I delight to recall Your commandments
And the perfection of Your moral law,
Teach me, instruct me, and thus I'll retain them
Deep in my heart to the end of my days.

2 Keep me from falsehood and covetous grasping,
Save me from insults and scorn which I dread,
Strengthen my soul by fulfilling Your promise
And, in Your justice, give life through Your word.

3 Then, by experience, I'll know Your salvation
And will be able to answer to those
Who, by their sneers, seek to frighten my spirit,
Since, through Your law, I've discovered Your love.

4 So I shall walk in the pathway of freedom
And before rulers will speak without fear
I shall proclaim my delight in Your precepts
Oh, how I love to observe Your commands.

5 Do not forget that I trust in Your promise
This is my comfort in sorrow and pain
Some may deride me but I will remember
You do not change and Your justice is sure.

6 Though I get angry at men's disobedience,
Yet I will sing, as an exile, of home,
I will recall to my mind, in the darkness
Your love for me and Your life - giving law.

Paraphase of Psalm 119, Michael Saward
© Michael Saward/Jubilate Hymns
11 10 11 10 Dactylic

CCL# 1439693