1 Lord all-knowing, you have found me;
every secret thought and word,
all my actions, all my longings,
you have seen and you have heard.

2 Lord almighty, you have made me,
fashioned me to keep your laws;
your design and your creation,
every part of me is yours.

3 Lord all-holy, you have judged me
by a measure true and right;
all the best I have to offer
withers in your burning light.

4 Lord all-loving, you have saved me
in supreme and mighty grace;
by your Son's triumphant mercy,
suffering, dying in my place.

5 Lord all glorious, you will take me
where your ransomed servants sing;
you have spoken, rescued, conquered,
Christ, our prophet, priest, and king.

Hallelujah! Christ, our prophet, priest, and king.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 139
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3162198