Lent: the Temptations of Christ

1 Jesus in the desert
fasting forty days,
wrestles with the devil,
offers God the praise;

2 Hears the tempter saying,
"Turn these stones to bread;"
answers with conviction,
"Feed upon God's Word!"

3 Soon the tempter beckons
at the temple roof -
"Angels will uphold you,
throw yourself right off."

4 Jesus, from the scriptures,
inwardly assured,
signals the commandment
"Do not tempt the Lord."

5 Daringly the tempter
promises the earth
if God's Son will only
recognise his worth.

6 Jesus reprimands him
in the Spirit's power:
"God alone is worthy!
Go, this very hour."

7 Undeterred, the tempter
softly steals away.
To us, as to Jesus,
he'll return some day.

8 When we face false choices -
evil dressed as good -
give us wise discernment
and your courage, Lord.

David Mowbray
© David Mowbray, admin. The Jubilate Group
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