1 Jerusalem! How glad I was
when they invited me
to climb with them the mount of prayer,
the place of majesty:
Jerusalem! Within your gates
our willing feet have stood,
And there we raised our voices high
to fill the house of God.

2 Jerusalem! A city built
compact and walled around;
the sacred tribes ascended here
and made their psalms resound.
Let us, like Israel, go up
to pay the Lord our dues,
To hear the judgements of the law,
the joy of God's good news.

3 Jerusalem! May you have peace,
your people long endure;
may all your citizens be safe,
your towers and streets secure.
For brothers, sisters, friends I pray
let peace return again:
O Lord our God, meet us in grace,
in glory come to reign!

Christopher Idle from Psalm 122
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd