In the public square they meet:
let us join them, listen, look -
Ezra rises to his feet,
opening up the mighty book;
All are standing, hands are raised:
'God, our mighty Lord, be praised!'

'Praise our God, Amen!' they sing;
'Amen!' echoes round the wall:
then they bow down, worshipping,
wonder in the minds of all.
Through the morning hours they hear
every word of God made clear.

Scribe and Levites read and teach
covenant-promise, law and psalm;
to the hearts the Scriptures reach,
God makes bare his holy arm:
'Do not mourn or weep' they say;
'God has met with us this day!'

So a ransomed nation hears,
understands and celebrates;
spreads the news and dries its tears,
far beyond the city gates:
through the land, its breadth and length,
joy from God is all their strength.

Captives once, like them set free,
up to Zion we have come;
Christ has won our liberty,
covenant grace has brought us home:
like them, let us hear God's voice;
trust, repent, obey, rejoice!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle / Jubilate Hymns
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Suggested tune: DIX