1 In psalms and hymns of joyful* praise    (* or youthful)
by songs in countless different ways,
what riches we are given!
In text and tune, by words and deeds,
in serving one another's needs,
this earth is touched with heaven.

2 What fruit these passing* years have seen!    (* or fifty)
What varied changes there have been
to shake and shape God's church!
Yet Christ the Saviour does not change;
his cross, his glory are not strange
to those who truly search.

3 Who knows what future years* may bring?    (* or fifty more)
By grace our children's children sing;
we join with them as one.
The promises of God shall stand,
and all our times are in his hand
through Christ, the eternal Son.

4 So let us, while it is today,
lift heart and voice, give thanks and pray
with every blended chord,
and serve, through slow or speeding years,
till that great day when Christ appears,
our glorious, sovereign Lord.

Words: (c) Christopher Idle/admin.The Jubilate Group
for the 50th birthday of Youth Praise, 2016.
part of the podcast series: 30 Hymns: Christopher Idle with Lance & Sue Pierson

*asterisked alternatives, for specific use

CCL# 7075861