1 How old the road, where pilgrims went
from Southwark streets to fields of Kent!
How many travellers today
will find the new and living Way?

2 And who among them briefly sees,
by shops and flats and businesses,
one different tower of brick and stone
which stands for Christ as Lord alone?

3 While road and railway thunder on
and stores and shows have come and gone,
the church of Christ still points on high
to show what money cannot buy.

4 And many live, and buy and sell,
from Peckham through to Camberwell:
and some receive the Gift unpriced;
they hear God's word, and turn to Christ.

5 From many cultures, children play;
there's none too young to learn to pray!
For ripening age, let it be told,
there can be praise in growing old!

6 So let God's people, like their tower;
point firmly, clearly, to his power;
and walk, where his true pilgrims trod,
the way of Christ, the road to God.

Christopher Idle for Christ Church, Old Kent Road.
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd