1 How clear and true the skies sing out God's praise,
how plainly they pronounce what he has done!
Each day declares as each tomorrow learns,
each passing night tells each succeeding one.

2 No voice is heard, no language we can trace;
God speaks, and his creation echoes back;
the sky his tent, his champion the sun,
who runs his daily race on heaven's track.

3 God's perfect law revives the human soul,
his faithful precepts make the simple wise;
his firm decrees bring joy to troubled hearts,
his clear commands give light to darkened eyes.

4 To be desired far more than treasured gold;
more sweet than honey are the words of God:
and by their truth am I, your servant, warned;
to keep them is to find a great reward.

5 So keep me free from every open sin;
against all secret failings be my guard:
my words and thoughts be such as make you glad,
my Rock, my strong Redeemer, and my Lord.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 19
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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CCL# 3525003