1 God of Israel's names and numbers,
tribes and titles fully known,
you are heard in words and wonders,
cloud and fire, your glory shown,
seen in earthquake, lightnings, thunders,
holy God, the Lord alone!

2 God whose praise the earth is singing,
vine and fig tree, grain and oil,
milk and honey, well new-springing,
heaven's gifts and human toil:
grant us seed and harvest, bringing
daily bread from sun and soil.

3 God who holds the powers of nature,
guide your people on their way;
priests or donkeys glimpse the future
let the Scriptures speak today!
Covenant-Lord of every creature,
feed and lead your church, we pray!

4 God of Aaron, Miriam, Moses,
Caleb, Joshua son of Nun,
Lord whose mighty hand disposes
how the rebels are undone;
God whose law your love discloses,
point us to the coming One!

5 Star of Jacob, Israel's Sceptre,
Jesus, lifted up on high,
here foreseen in strangest spectre,
one bronze snake beneath the sky!
Cure for sin, divine Protector
'Look and live! Why will you die?'

6 God of tents beside the waters,
river's peace or threatening wave,
lawless sons or faithful daughters,
violent death or mountain grave:
praise for all your book has taught us!
Praise to God who loves to save!

Christopher Idle from the Book of Numbers
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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