1 God, I cry aloud for help:
set my spirit free from pain!
In troubled days and nights of worry,
O when will you take pity again?

2 Does your mercy still hold true?
Can I still your promise prove?
Or is your goodness gone for ever?
Have you, my God, forgotten to love?

3 I remember all you have done:
wonderful your ways of old!
No god, no saviour strong as you,
no work so great can ever be told.

4 None the love that matches yours,
none so grieved and none so good;
and no more holy human body
than his who once was nailed to the wood.

5 Burdened lives still groan for peace,
aching, anxious, bleeding, bowed;
so when despair and darkness come,
to you, my God, I cry aloud.

Christopher Idle from Psalm 77
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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