Give thanks for those working 
to serve one another
in time and in talents
    with God-given powers;
the work of our Maker
will daily sustain us;
the call is the Lord’s and
    the calling is ours.

The work of the midwives
ensured the survival
of Israel in Egypt,
    the people of God;
the work of a shepherd
entrusted to Moses, 
to lead through the desert
    where angels had trod.

The work of the weavers,
designers and craftsmen,
constructing the dwelling 
    where God was made known;
pure gold and bright silver,
blue, purple and scarlet,
in beauty of holiness
Christ is foreshown.

The work of a joiner,
a carpenter-builder,
brings touches of heaven 
    to service on earth;
and tent-making, trading,
and farming and fishing,
all find new dimensions     
    because of new birth.

The work of a Saviour,
to open a kingdom
is ours at the cost of 
    his body and blood;
for none could redeem us, 
no leader but Jesus; 
all praise to the Worker
    who brings us to God.

Christopher M Idle (b.1938) 
© Christopher M Idle, admin. The Jubilate Group 
Metre:  6 6 6 5 D