Come down, Holy Spirit, come in wind and flame.
Shining in our darkness, blow away our shame.
Lend us your strength and light us on our way,
till our night of weeping turns into joyful day.

Come down, Holy Spirit with a gentle word.
In this world of conflict let your voice be heard.
Hope for the weak and warnings for the strong,
till the noise of battle fades into prayer and song.

Come down, Holy Spirit, hover like a dove.
Seek the lost and lonely,fill them with your love.
Fly to our souls where doubts and questions dwell,
till by faith and hope we know that all shall be well.

Jennifer Wakely
© Jennifer Wakely, admin. The Jubilate Group
Metre: 11 11 10 12
Suggested tune: NOEL NOUVELET

CCL# 5939721