1 All your commandments, Father almighty,
Bring to your children healing and blessing;
Christians who keep them find here their comfort.

2 Daily instruct us as your disciples:
Each of your statutes stands firm for ever;
Faithful your promise, free your forgiveness.

3 God of all mercy, grant me your guidance;
How can a young man keep his way holy?
I have found treasure in your instruction.

4 Joy comes to nations knowing your judgements;
Keeping them brings us close to your kingdom
Laws that spell freedom, true liberation.

5 My heart is listening for you each morning;
Never desert me; speak in the night-time;
Open my eyes, Lord, then lead me onwards.

6 Put right my passions by your clear precepts;
Quell my rebellions, rescue me quickly;
Raise and restore me, mighty Redeemer.

7 Saviour whose Spirit gave us the Scriptures,
Train me to trust them when I am tempted;
Unless you helped me, I would go under.

8 Vain are my own ways; yours is the victory;
Wonderful Counsellor, you are my wisdom;
Your Word shall teach me; I will obey you.

Tune: SANDLING WAY (Norman Warren)

Christopher Idle from Psalm 119
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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