1 All authority and power,
every status and domain,
now belongs to one who suffered
our redemption to obtain;
Angels, demons, kings and rulers
Over all shall Jesus reign!

2 All the nations owe him worship,
every tongue shall call him Lord;
how are they to call upon him
if his name they have not heard?
Therefore go and make disciples,
preach his gospel, spread his word.

3 All the clear commands of Jesus
must be heeded and obeyed;
full provision for our weakness
in his teaching he has made;
in the gospel words and symbols
saving truth to us conveyed.

4 All the time he will be with us,
always, to the end of days;
with his own believing people
who keep steadfast in his ways;
God the Father, Son, and Spirit
bless us and to God be praise!

Christopher Idle
© Christopher Idle/Jubilate Hymns Ltd
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