1 A servant of the Lord awaits  
his people’s consolation;   
then in the temple courts there comes  
a day of revelation:   
   a child is brought, a firstborn son –  
   a sudden recognition,     
   as Simeon sees his people’s hopes  
   are nearing their fruition.    
2 The Scriptures told this child would be   
the Servant of God’s pleasure,  
to nurture justice, peace and joy  
beyond all human measure.  
   Not Israel’s hope alone!  This child  
   would bring the world’s salvation;  
   in him God’s promise opens wide  
   for every tribe and nation.  
3 And yet the ageing Simeon sees  
a brutal, bleak tomorrow:   
this child will only bring these joys  
through suffering and through sorrow;  
   his death and rising from the grave  
   complete the Servant’s story  
   of light that shines for Gentile eyes  
   and Israel’s hope and glory.   
8787D IAMBIC  
Tune: GOLDEN SHEAVES (Arthur Sullivan)
words © Martin Leckebusch / Jubilate, admin. Jubilate Hymns Ltd