1 You came to raise the last and least,
to set the long-held captive free,
to fill the hungry with a feast,
and give the poor their dignity.
You let the silenced voices speak,
and helped the lowly sing their song,
embraced the outcast, blessed the meek,
revealed a world where all belong.

2 You showed your strength in stooping low
and humbly washing dusty feet, 
forsaking heav’n for earth, to show
how power can choose to leave its seat.
Teach us this same humility,
renew our hearts that we might learn
how we can set each other free
from tables you would overturn.

3 You brought the news of kingdom come,  
a feast where all are found and fed,
where no-one needs the fallen crumb,
for all will share the living bread:
a kingdom where division ends,
where first and last can sit and eat:
when all are one, you call us friends,
your work of love at last complete.


Ally Barrett

CCL# 7184939