1 With all my heart I praise you, LORD,
Before the gods your name I bless;
I bow in thankfulness, assured
By all your mercy and your grace.

2 For you have set your name and word
Above all else we might extol;
When I implored your help, you heard
And put new courage in my soul.

3 Let all earth's rulers hear you speak
And sing your wisdom and your power;
For, glorious LORD, you hear the meek,
But view the haughty from afar.

4 Although I walk a troubled path,
Its snares and dangers I survive,
For you restrain all human wrath
And keep my trusting soul alive.

5 Your purposes, O LORD, are sure,
Fulfilling for me all you planned;
For ever shall your grace endure:
Uphold the work of your own hand.

Psalm 138, David G. Preston
© D.G. Preston/Jubilate Hymns