1 When the guns of war fell silent,
weary soldiers cheered and sang.
In the streets of towns and cities
crowds rejoiced and church bells rang.
Row on row of limestone crosses
now recall the sacrifice.
We remember, we will treasure
peace, that comes at such a price.

2 On a dark Judaean hillside
crosses silhouette the sky,
where the Son of God was taken,
crucified and left to die.
He was wounded for our healing,
gave his life that we might live,
deepest mercy, reconciling
peace, that nothing less could give.

3 When will all the guns be silent?
How we long for war to cease.
From the ruins of each conflict
rises up our prayer for peace.
May the selfless love of Jesus
give us hope at last to see
all the nations, celebrating
peace, when all the world is free.

Andrew Moll 
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