1 What offering shall we give
or what atonement bring
to God by whom alone we live,
high heaven's eternal king?

2 For all the blood of beasts
on Jewish altars slain
could never give the conscience peace
or wash away its stain:

3 But Christ, the heavenly Lamb,
takes all our sins away
a sacrifice of nobler name
and richer blood than they.

4 In faith I lay my hand
upon his head divine
while as a penitent I stand
and there confess my sin.

5 So I look back to see
the weight he chose to bear
when hanging on the cross for me
because my guilt was there.

6 Believing, we rejoice
to know our sins forgiven;
we bless the Lamb with heart and voice
and join the praise of heaven.

Jubilate Hymns version of part of a text Not all the blood of beasts Isaac Watts (1674 - 1748)
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