We worship Christ;
he is God's own Son,
he's the Holy One,
'God with us'.
Deep are the joys his gospel brings!
lives are transformed - a newness springs!
O what new songs the sinner sings!
thank you, Lord!

We worship Christ;
praise for peace he brought!
praise for truths he taught! -
precious gifts!
words that have brought us life and light,
Spirit to teach us what is right,
hope for a future shining bright;
thank you, Lord!

We worship Christ;
Jesus lifted high
in that darkened sky
speaks God's love -
there on the cross he bore our sin,
suff'rings so deep - without, within,
passed through the depths, our souls to win;
thank you, Lord!

We worship Christ -
risen from the dead;
this is what he said
he would do:
risen, alive for evermore,
able to open heaven's door
to all believers, rich or poor;
thank you, Lord!

Brian Black (b.1926)
© Brian Black, administered by The Jubilate Group
Metre: 4 5 5 3 8 8 8 3 Tune: Living Lord (HTC 518)

CCL# 5490947