We celebrate our birthdays
with gladness, year by year;
remembering our coming
into this earthly sphere.
Through childhood, youth, and ageing
our lives mature and grow;
as God's eternal purpose
and plan we come to know

We learn from other Christians
who trod this path before.
We sing the songs that they sang,
the same God we adore.
Rejoicing at their courage
when faced with pain and grief,
we hold them in our memories
and honour their belief.

The truths which they discovered
and which transformed their souls,
the call to holy living,
we reaffirm those goals.
The chains which once had bound them
to human nature's yoke,
by Christ were swiftly shattered;
the power of sin he broke.

New birth, new life, new purpose;
their hearts were strangely warmed.
A social challenge facing,
the church at once transformed,
Thank God for all, unfettered,
who walk God's holy way,
filled with his Holy Spirit,
till God's great final day.

Michael Saward
© Michael Saward / admin. The Jubilate Group
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CCL# 5355556