1 Surely God loves upright men
The pure in heart He favours!
And yet I almost stumbled
Seeing evil prosper.

2 Wicked men abuse the Lord
They seem to have no trouble
Their eyes swell out with fatness
Pride and violence clothe them.

3 People say 'How can God know?'
They turn and praise the wicked.
Is innocence now pointless?
All it brings is suffering!

4 Only when I looked to God
Did I restore perspective
For then I saw their ending
Swept to quick disaster.

5 I am always with You Lord
You guide me with Your counsel
By my right hand You hold me
Then take me to glory!

6 Whom have I in heaven but You?
On earth my love is Yours Lord.
Though flesh and heart may fail me
God is mine for ever!

Michael Baughen (born 1930)
© Michael Baughen/Jubilate Hymns
7 7 7 6 Trochaic and Iambic

CCL# 1587882