1 Singing songs of expectation,
onward goes the pilgrim band,
through the night of doubt and sorrow
marching to the promised land.

2 Clear before us through the darkness
gleams and burns the guiding light,
as we strengthen one another,
stepping fearless through the night.

3 One the light of God's own presence
on his ransomed people shed,
chasing far the gloom and terror,
brightening all the path we tread.

4 One the object of our journey,
one the faith which never tires,
one the eager looking forward,
one the hope our God inspires.

5 One the song that lips of thousands
lift as from the heart of one;
one the conflict, one the peril,
one the march in God begun.

6 One the gladness of rejoicing
on the far eternal shore,
where the one almighty Father
reigns in love for evermore.

7 Soon shall come the great awaking,
soon the bursting from the tomb;
then the scattering of all shadows,
and the end of tears and gloom.

8 Courage, therefore, Christian pilgrims,
with the cross before your eyes,
bear its shame, and fight its battle
die with Christ, with Christ arise!

Jubilate Hymns version (verses 1, 4, 5, 7 and 8) of a hymn by Sabine Baring-Gould (1834 - 1924) based on Bernhardt Severin Ingemann (1789 - 1862)
© Jubilate Hymns Ltd.
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