Sing a hymn to God's great glory,
just and holy all his ways.
Let us tell redemption's story
singing songs of thankful praise.
God, who long ago created
music to inspire the heart,
lifts our souls, that stimulated
we may play our joyful part.

Sing a hymn of Christ's salvation,
our Messiah, Servant, Priest;
building us a true foundation,
giving us a holy feast.
He who lived and died for others
from his virgin mother's womb
now unites us, sisters, brothers,
through his conquest of the tomb

Sing a hymn, in which shall feature
all the Spirit's living power;
animating every creature
day by day and hour by hour
Sing, oh sing, in rhythm's motion
joining music, words and beat;
till the tongue and mind's devotion
in exultant worship meet.

Sing forever, all creation,
to the Trinity above.
Let the church in every nation
join in bonds of holy love.
Music of the highest order,
instruments and voices blend,
overcoming all disorder:
Songs of praise shall never end.

Michael Saward

© Michael Saward/ admin. The Jubilate Group
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