Shelter me from the wind,
O Lord my God, when fears are haunting me;
in your protection let me find
complete tranquillity.

Father, from violent storms
be my defender, be my hiding-place;
hold me, enclose me in your arms,
content me with your grace.

Like a refreshing stream
in my dry desert heart where nothing grows,
O Spirit, pour your life within
till my life overflows.

And as the shadow vast
of a huge rock across a weary land,
O may your cross, Lord Jesus, cast
its shade on burning sand.

Make me a shelter, too,
a refuge as the tempests wildly beat;
may I bring others life from you
and shield them from the heat.

Emma Turl (b. 1946)
© Emma Turl / admin The Jubilate Group
6 10 8 6; preferred tune: LOUGHOR (Gill Berry)