Open my mind, Lord
to a deeper understanding
of the word become flesh
born to heal the times of loss.
May my thoughts be unclouded
by the mists of doubt and fearfulness
and bring me to a knowledge
of the wonder of the cross.

Open my heart, Lord
to a love beyond all measure;
to the soft touch of peace
that can make the shattered whole.
May my fears be enfolded
by the Holy Spirit's gentleness
and let me feel your presence
at the centre of my soul.

Open my eyes, Lord
to the miracles around me;
to the work of your hand
in creation's distant birth;
from a new infant's heartbeat
to the bright stars of the universe
and let me glimpse a vision
of your heaven, here on earth.

Open my ears, Lord
to the music of the angels;
to the chorus of praise
that re-echoes round your throne;
may my voice be uplifted
in a song of joy and thankfulness
and let me hear you speaking
as I worship you alone.

James Wood (b.1957)
© James Wood / admin. The Jubilate Group
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CCL# 5339864